Noise cancelling doesn't work on Space A40

I recently bought a pair of Space A40s. I’ve walked around with them and have been on a train with them several times, and I can’t seem to get the noise cancelling to work.

I contacted support, they told me to reset, upgrade firmware, make sure they were properly fitted, etc. (most of which I’d already done), but nothing helped.

I told support I could hear ambient noise, including loud conversation around me. They latched onto that last bit and this was their reply:

“Although our engineers push themself and strive to want the earbuds could eliminate 100% of noises around us, we regret that currently, they do a better job at a wide range of low and mid-frequency noises such as cars and airplane engines, fan noise, but they cannot eliminate all the noise around us, such as voice due to noise-canceling technical limitation and resources. Our competitors have the same issue. We have the most professional team working on this technology. Hope you could allow us some to improve and grow.”

So in other words, they’ve got nothing.

Have others had this problem?

I bought a set of over-ear Soundcore headphones a couple of years ago that were defective; I had to return them. Also, Amazon has a warning on the A40 page saying they’re returned frequently, so I assume quality control is an issue with Soundcore.

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I have a similar experience …
Just got the A40 as a smaller ear buds set so I wouldn’t have to carry giant head set on the plane.
I got these mainly for the"fabulous" Noise Cancellation that was touted. I had the noise cancelaltion ON , I can hear Everything going coughs, talking ., even the TV at low volume.

They were comfortable, however even on Full noise cancellation. I understand, yayaya the techs have tried and cannot get the noise cancellation any better this across the industry etc … NOT true.

I have Jabra evolve 65 with NO ANC … these block out more noise than the a40s
I also have my Sony XM5 headphones … ( best in the industry. Or at least up there)… when I put these on … the world around me melts … people around me have shouted at me and I cannot hear them … of course I cannot hear the TV either, even at higher volumes

So therefore in comparison, the A40’s fall short … I am quite disappointed yes they are cheap and 1 5th the cost of my Sonys and a third the cost of the Jabras
I would have expected better… If I cannot get what I need out of these , I will most likely return them.

I just got a new set of SoundCore Space A40 earbuds.

The noise cancellation does not function.

I can turn it on and off in the app or by touch (seeing the result in the app) and there is not even the slightest change in ambient noise.

Like the other commenter, I know what noise cancellation sounds like. It’s simply not there. I got a bad pair of earbuds.

If they were AirPods, I’d take them to the Apple store. With these, I don’t have the time and energy to deal with their tech support or send them back.

The sound is OK — a little bright — so I can use them in a quiet room, but not on the street or in an airplane.

Same experience here. Can we get a reply here from someone in support or product management?

i was trying to see if i wasn’t crazy…i have been wondering if it was just my imagination that no matter what ambient setting i use the sound levels don’t seem to be any different. it does not ‘change’ settings when i use the earbud controls. if i change on the app it does change but the sounds i hear have the same levels.