One side suddenly quieter than the other on a20i?

What won’t fix it:

  • Unpairing/repairing earbuds
  • Resetting earbuds
  • Cleaning eartips
  • Uninstalling/reinstalling Soundcore app
  • Restarting phone/tablet

What will fix it:

  • During media playback, return only the quieter earbud into the charging case, shut the lid, then quickly reopen it and take the earbud out.

This may work for other models too.


It happens in my a20i, the right side is a bit quieter then the left. What I did is just brush the mesh filter, just remove the rubber earbud, then gently brush the mesh filter, just use a toothbrush and a small amount of isopropyl alcohol. I thought my a20i right side is defective because I always drop it on the concrete floor when I’m waking up but now it’s back to normal.

In my case, these earbuds are new and began exhibiting this issue only a few days after I started using them. The mesh filters hadn’t yet gotten dirty.

Also, from day 1, I swapped the a20i eartips with those from my previous earbuds (Technics AZ60). These have a fuzzy material inside each eartip hole that prevents earwax/sweat from ever reaching the mesh filter. Despite this, I cleaned the mesh filters with isopropyl alcohol anyway, which did not fix the issue for me.

What fixed it was what I previously mentioned.