Only had for a phew hours! OMG

I’ve only had the Soundcore Liberty 4 NC earbuds for around 6 hours and I am amazed. The quality of the earbuds are amazing, they sound great and they are sturdy. The Noise Cancellation is amazing, there are a phew things I can hear, but it’s very faint. The fact that these earbuds are only $80 and they are this good quality, I ought to buy more from soundcore. Thanks soundcore for the amazing earbuds and I can’t wait for more products!

I suggest these earbuds 100%! Get them now with the summer deal! DV20 for $20 off!


What great feedback! I haven’t listened to these, but I know based on some other models how good the quality is. Always enjoy it when someone else appreciates the quality that Soundcore produces!

I have to agree after one session I can confirm these buds are prime time. The noise cancelling is awesome as well. The range of the sound quality off the chain!