P20i - Cannot connect both earbuds at the same time

I have been using Soundcore P20i for almost 6 months now.

For the last one week I am unable to connect both earbuds at the same time. If one connects other does not and if other connects the first one does not.

I contacted the support and did everything they suggested to fix this problem, but nothing worked.

If anyone had this problem and solved?

Kindly share if there is any way to solve this problem, other than those suggested by Soundcore Support team.


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I have been having the exact same issue. It is particularly frustrating as I have followed the troubleshooting instructions exactly, but to no avail. The hard reset function really should help here, but it does not resolve the issue. Have tried forgetting all paired devices and proceeding with a hard reset but still no joy. My hope is that Soundcore will issue a firmware update that will resolve this. I fear that it may be a problem that plagues all soundcore Bluetooth earbuds. In the meantime, customer service have been very understanding.

hola, disculpa que la escriba en español, al fina pondré la traducción que de el traductor de Google.

A breves rasgos debes poner los auriculares en la base de carga, desvincular los auriculares, apagar el bluetooth.

Después de eso debes ponerte los auriculares, presionar a la vez ambos sensores por 10 segundos, hasta que se reinicien, luego regresas al bluetooth de tu teléfono y los vinculas.

Aquí te pego la respuesta original y el link.

If P20i fails to pair with your devices and has issues such as failing to reconnect with your device, or your phone cannot detect P20i on the Bluetooth list, then these tips should help you resolve these issues.

  1. For your Bluetooth device (phone/tablet/etc.)

Turn on the Bluetooth device (such as a phone, computer, etc.), forget all the pairing records on your device, and turn off Bluetooth.

  1. Reset the earbuds but make sure your earbuds have enough battery
  • Take the earbuds out of the charging case, and wear the earbuds, while long pressing the left and right earbuds 10S, hear a beep, indicating a successful reset.
  1. Pair the headphones with your device

Turn on Bluetooth on your Bluetooth device and search for soundcore P20i and pair.