P3s cutting out for 1-2 sec

Any idea why?? Phone in pocket walking about at the times its happened. Phone is samsung note.

If you’ve just got them then do a swap, fastest is return them and buy another in the initial free return period. If it’s outside of that then open warranty ticket.

You probably have a bad antenna weld.

It is normal physics for the human body to absorb the frequencies of Bluetooth, so worse when phone is in pocket as the radio signal passes through your whole torso and head for 2 feet of absorption. But even so it should work.

Phones always work better after a reboot. Delete your pairing, reset the P2, reboot phone, and pair, does no harm and often works. Sometimes my Frames cutout and a phone reboot fixes that.

Some tricks of using a lower bitrate codec can help reduce cutouts, but you shouldn’t need to do that for a phone in pocket.

Well the problem is I’ve already returned the item twice, on my third now. 1st time I ordered white but the white looked too flamboyant. 2nd time I bought them and they went down in price, so I returned them and bought again. I see on reddit others have the same problem. I think if I returned them I’d have to buy again at the full price.

There’s two versions of the P3, totally different internals and different firmware versions, newer began recent months. Details are scarce. So I’m trying to figure out if newer or older is better.

We can’t tell from the outside which version, but we can infer from firmware version, what firmware version are you on in the app?

My suggestion is to either give up on the P3 as it doesn’t work well with your phone, or try addressing issues at the phone side. Can you change the codec? Some devices just don’t get along.

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If you are classified as a customer who does too many returns it could cause troubles (amazon)

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I have never returned a Soundcore product, but have returned two Anker products because they didn’t work as well as I had hoped.

For Soundcore as they have for a few years now, I think 3 years at least, they have similar overlapping frequently released products. So to stop someone returning a product due to a new better (actual or perceived via hype) product, they have to discount a product just prior to an obvious (direct) competitor. That then when that discount kicks in then forces the return and re-purchase of the same product.

The only way to stop this returning is easy:

  • allow upcoming products to be discussed (change ToS) so that products which may be a better fit for your needs makes you delay purchase. This stops you buying something to then return later when new product out.
  • Don’t have launch discounts , so there’s no rush to buy, instead wait for reviews and buy after reviews help you decide if a fit for you.
  • discount as product ages, becomes relatively less good. Don’t put prices up/down/up/down.

We’d then be swimming in the middle of a hype-free mix of released and future products, their pros/cons openly discussed.

I don’t think the current process of zero discussion of upcoming, launch discounts, and varying yo-yo pricing is doing anyone any good, including Soundcore.

I have them and it has never gave me an issue.

I have used while pushing a lawn mower a few times. Phone in pocket.

If you can, you should to a check of it with another device. I am using an Android device.

The p3 are not bad but I still like the Liberty air 2 pros more. I do wish the find my earbuds worked better than it did and like the 2 pros fit better.