P40i single bud randomly switching from transparency to normal

So these brand new p40i’s are really good but my only issue is that when I’m using them at work I only use a single bud (i switch back forth and both buds do this) when I’m sitting at my desk or if I’m walking around outside I make sure transparency mode is turned on even if I only have 1 bud in. but it will randomly switch from normal to transparency and back and forth. it’s seems completely random. I have tried changing ear tips and I found the most comfortable size for me is small but it doesn’t matter which tip I use because all of them when using the fit test say that they all fit perfectly fine so I’m lost here. but if I have both buds in at the same time I don’t have this issue so i’m at loss here would like some advice.

Also for anyone going to tell me to just use both at the time- I can’t, I don’t have bad hearing but it’s definitely going downhill and transparency mode is okay but nothing compared to having no ear buds at all which is why I use 1 normally