Pair Motion Boom Plus to Motion Boom original?

I searched but couldnt find anything. Is it possible to pair these 2 different speakers in TWS?

Vlad, I have both the MotionBoom+ & MotionBoom… You cannot pair in TWS mode, however you can pair them using PartyCast feature… You won’t have dedicated Right & Left Channel stereo…

Ok. Thank you!

MB+ is arriving tomorrow. Thinking I should have bought 2 MB’s for TWS for a little more than one MB+.

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Quality of sound resonates differently for us all… To me, music is art…art is music… Like all art, audio is open to interpretation… With that in mind, who’s interpretation of ‘better sound’ is correct?? I offer you only my opinion… The MotionBoom Plus completely destroys the Regular MotionBoom in every way… True Stereo always sounds better to me, buy a second MotionBoom Plus for TWS… I’m confident once you listen to MotionBoom Plus you will understand what I’m saying…