Paired with Windows but unable to detect as a sound device

Hi, I’m new to the Liberty Air 2 Pro and made my purchase today. I had the reply from Soundcore team that it can pair properly and working well with Windows 7 and Windows 10. However, on my end, the pairing works but it is unable to detect any drivers to recognise it as a sound device? I need it to work on the laptop. Anyone please help? Thank you very much for your time!

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Delete the earphones from the WIN-bt -list
Then you should delete the default bt-driver given by MS and install this one from the
bt-card-manufacturer instead.
Be sure all other bt-connections (phones, tablets) are disabled.


It’s a Lenovo laptop. It appears that the device itself was not able to find a Bluetooth driver from Microsoft and hence not able to find it as a audio device. But how do I find the driver from the manufacturer? Are you talking about Lenovo in my case? Any form of advice is highly appreciated! Thank you!

Lenovo usually have a Lenovo app installed which checks for software updates. Find it. Use it. You’ll go through tabs for updates and install, look for wireless, Bluetooth type.


Sometimes reinstalling the drivers is also a solution. Is it just in general they aren’t being recognized or in a certain application you are trying to use them with that you find this issue