Partycast w/Trance Go and Mini 3

Hi There - I just purchased a Trance Go and a Mini 3, with the intent to pair them via Partycast and purchase several more Mini 3s ultimately to place around the house. However i can’t seem to get them paired. I have tried the methods in both quick start guides but no luck. Any suggestions?

This is for the flare 2 but it should be similar on some parts of it.

I think your first speaker is paired to the device and then all other speakers will be paired to that first speaker.


A few others should be able to answer it as they do have more speaker than I do. (1)

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Thanks. I did try this method, however the Mini 3 and the Trance Go both have different (and different from the Flare) methods of PartyCast pairing. The Trance Go has a dedicated partycast button, and the Mini 3 has a fast-blinking bluetooth LED mode that requires a double click to pair as a secondary speaker.


Hi, I found success pairing the same speakers using these particular steps:

  1. turn on both speakers and put them close to each other
  2. hold down the partycast button on the trance go until it begins blinking white slowly.
  3. short press the partycast button on the trance go so it begins blinking white quickly.
  4. hold down the bluetooth button on the mini 3 until it begins blinking white slowly.
  5. make sure your phone pairs to the mini 3.

It took a few seconds but it all linked up for me.


Make sure the firmwares are updated on the Trance Go and Mini 3,

Also try making Mini 3 as Primary and Trance Go as secondary. This should fix the issue, and add more Mini 3 to the PartyCast chain. Worked for me.

Thanks! This actually worked! Much appreciated. I was hoping to avoid having the Mini 3 as primary, because i wanted to connect a chromecast audio to the trance go aux port and not be bound by bluetooth to the primary speaker…but maybe a future firmware update will solve this. Seems strange that one of the flagship speakers has to be secondary to one of the smallest, cheapest speakers - but better than nothing.


Great tips to remember.

Great it worked.
Never tried, because I dont own these speakers.

There are small dogs biting the big ones! :rofl:

Bravo - you thought it very well and described it!

I don’t own either but I’d suggest you think how it might work the other way around and experiment, take notes.

Logically there are only so many button pressing sequences possible so try them in turn til works.

I know something of the electronics within and I do not see a reason why the Mini 3 can’t be the master.

I agree. I can read instructions until I am blue in the face but it is the experimenting and messing up in the beginning that teaches you how to get the most out of the products.


I am facing same issue for Flare 2 (pair) and Mini 3 — Only when I make Mini 3 as Primary, does the Partycast work with Flare 2 speakers… if Flare 2 is the Primary-- Mini 3 never connects in PartyCast… already contacted Support and still awaiting update.

May be a firmware upgrade is needed on Flare 2… Mini 3 seems to have latest update.

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This was exactly my next question, as i consider what the next speaker i buy would be. The partycast range between the Mini 3 and the Trance Go with the Mini 3 as primary is pretty abysmal…so if i decide to purchase a flare 2, it sounds like the mini 3 would have to remain as Primary.

Fiddling is certainly no issue for me, i tried every permutation of button and flashing LED combination i could come up with before you all and Soundcore support both responded that the Mini 3 would need to be primary. I posed the question to soundcore support of why that is, but they have not responded.

Another issue that i did not foresee is that as far as i can tell, when the Trance Go is paired as the secondary speaker, it is impossible to control the volume independent from the Mini 3. This means that if i have the Mini 3 loud enough to comfortably fill a room, the Trance Go is deafening.

Seems we are always experimenting. :rofl:

Sometimes the manuals and instructions are terrible.
I often made translations from English written manuals to German ones.
Sometimes not easy without the described device.
But with imagination and a little bit of knowledge its possible.

I remember a “baby bag with an integrated heater for the baby food”.
( the powerbank could be charged via USB-C )
I loved it.


thanks a lot, that double click information saved me. :slight_smile: Got two of the Soundcore Mini 3 and couldn’t get them into partycast mode, because the original description is wrong. It says you have to long press the BT button like on the other models, and this only switches the BT mode on the Mini 3.

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