Percentage indicator in numbers

hi can the techs put a percentage on the battery charge in the app please ? I know there is a battery indicator but you cannot see exactly how much the battery has charged . than you in advance

I do not have but I think you may be able to view it when you view the BT connection. I would contact to let them know S they do give info to techs as needed

Depends on the device or better the OS of the device one is using.

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I’ll comment slightly on the difficulty of the ask but more comment on the lack of usefulness of the ask.

The more accurate you seek to measure battery life remaining the less accurate you are.

There’s 3 reasons:

  1. each cell is unique at manufacture with a variation of around 20%

  2. as the cell gets used, it gets a unique degradation of capacity. And the more accurate you try to measure this the faster the cell degrades.

  3. the maximum usable capacity is a function of Watts, so if in the future you were to operate at higher load (phone further away, louder, etc) you’d have the buds turn off due to insufficient voltage earlier.

Further reading as to the chemistry:

So if you as a consumer were to ask for a percentage it would be effectively a guess just to pander to your wish and if you wanted it to become more accurate you worse battery life.

The guess would be most accurate if you ran the buds til so empty they turned off, and had been measuring both mWh and Voltage, but that would add cost and additional electronics to make the product larger. Further the more charge cycles since the last full-to-empty cycle the worse the estimate. Also if the temperature during the last full-to-empty cycle was different the future estimate would be significantly incorrect.

If you forced a full depth cycle to get the next cycle % accurate, then you are forcing the cell to age faster.

I think Soundcore has it right now and others with % figures obviously have customers who know the least about physics. Use of 4 levels of charge allows to cover 95% of the range of cells.

Suppose there was a % and suppose after 2 hours use it said 50% you’d have one user saying after a further 2 hours it had only dropped to 20% and another user saying it ran only 1.5 hours til it turned off. And then they’d be complaining how inaccurate was the %.

I agree that I don’t think it’s feasible or all that useful. I know on my Windows PS I can see that in my BT settings, but I don’t really know if it’s all that accurate.

The thing is depending on the things the @The_Professor mentioned, combined with battery drain also being different depending on how you are using the item -volume, ANC, LDAC, etc will all effect battery capacity.

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It is highly feasible, it is already being calculated now, but not shown. Yes there is a % known by the app today.

This is the issue, the accuracy is low, at best 20%.

So it is best for everyone to not show a % but a rough indicator.

The way I look at it is if it’s not accurate, then it’s not feasible. I guess it’s just how you look at it.

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Can we have specific number for battery

You were publishing your request first in a new thread without any context! :rofl:

I mean the device battery power can shown by percentage.:joy:= =

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