Please،what is the name of the song used in hear id test?

I was using hear id to tailor the sound in my liberty 4 nc and the test song simply hooked to my ears I like very much what is the name of that song?

You should try using Shazam or Google, but in my opinion the google tool to identify songs is even better than Shazam

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Make It Come True by Bling? unless that’s the album title


Thank you! I had figured the name but still couldn’t find it and Shazam/soundhound were turning up nothing. Came across this thread last night with no answer and glad I decided to do one more search this morning

Thank you :blush: very much for the effort :ok_hand:

Hi it claims to be “make it come true”. At least that’s the song I get when I try with the liberty 4 NC. However I cannot find the song on Spotify or YouTube. Do lmk if you manage to do so :’)

It’s true that it’s very catchy, I remember that I was surprised when try that test. If you want my professional musician opinion, it’s a mixed of abundant chords changes (which is not usual in pop song) with on top a bright and nice almost juvenile voice singing a rich melody, which is again, rare for pop song.