Preparing my son for college- Soundcore edition

My son has been in college for about a month. As part of his college preparation, I tried to get him set up with some electronics to make college life easier for him to study, have fun and to be able to talk to us whenever WE want too.

With that said, I let him grab a few of my devices either soundcore or other brand electronics… Here is what he decided to take with him.

The first device was the Q35. He stated he wanted those to be able to work in peace and quiet. With dorms and campus activity, Q35 NC seemed essential. I will say that he forgot them when he came home one week and was wanting us to mail them back to him.

His second choice was a pair that I had given to him for high school. They were the P2s. He seemed to enjoy those when he was not studying and was talking to his friends.

The last device was one that I decided to give to him since I also had 2 soundcore 3. It was the Flare 2. I thought it was small enough for him to use with his laptop or just to play music in the room without wearing anything on his ears.

His last grab was an Anker powerbank. I actually liked the powerbank as well as I put a pop on it so that I could sit it sideway to make it into a stand while charging. I think he took it due to it was blue :rofl:

Overall, I think he had a decent selection to help him while he is in college. Is there a different device that would have served him better?

College is more about meeting new people and learning everywhere you go you take yourself. i.e. learn to meet people and befriend.

So playing music and isolating in yourself will result in less good memories.

I would suggest replacement cables and charger.

Kids nowadays do not listen to music as much as the older generation did. It is more youtube, tiktok, and stuff like that…

Overall he is pretty social person. I personally figure he will only us the q35 for the NC for homework n studying and then use them on his gaming with friends.

His biggest social issue is that he has a lot of work this semester. He had a few clubs he been trying to participate in but his class work interferes with that at times. An example, he has Trig on Thursday, then his work study hours, and another class of so.

He would have the time to go to the meeting but his Trig teacher expects the homework to be turned in like 8 or 9 that evening. So instead he has to miss the activity.

I figure he will mot use the flare too often.

I will say my dad’s side of family are talker and are seen talking to strangers all the time. My wife always ask if I know people I am talking too and I say nope just met them.

I agree ANC is useful, helps reduce the excesses of those with speakers. Bass kills silence, it travels further.

It’s difficult to explain in few words, but there are many adults who only made friends when children and their only friends come from their school times, as they moved from “do you want to play” to “let me talk”. That has to be fought by keeping that child like view of every person is a source of adventure. College is such a learning time of how to keep the good parts of childhood.

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