Problem with pairing soundcore p3 life

I just received a package that contained the headphones mentioned in the title. I wanted to pair them with my phone. I started by plugging them in to charge them. The instructions say to put the headphones in the etui and press the power button for 3 seconds and wait for the paws to flicker, but it doesn’t happen to me. When opening the etui, the lights come on and there are 3 and the headphones seem to not respond to the button in the etui and the lights go out under the influence of idle state. Please help, I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or the seller just cheated me :frowning: I bought it from a private person

I would restart the phone first in case the phone had issues

Turn off wifi before phone reset,

press the p3 button on the case. The 3 dots should scroll from one dot to the next one. It should be in pairing mode

Turn on wifi. You should see the device in the list to pair, hit it and it should pair.

If it does not pair while in the case, you can take them out of case and see if that works.