Problem with Right part of Life Q35

Hello, I bought a Life Q35, they have a problem on the right side of the headphones, on the left side I can perceive the bass in its entirety, on the right side not at all, even without having them turned on when putting them on it feels like they are not used the sound completely, I do not know if it could be a problem that is solved with a software update, I wonder if I’m the only one that has happened to him

I have the same problem, that the Bass is way more present in the left bud. Which feels a bit strange.
I double testet it with Life Q20 and Dali IO-6 and it’s definitly not a problem with the song or my smartphone, but with the headset.

I also noticed, that the problems seems to dissapear once i activate ANC.

I think I would start by resetting them… I would try another device to make sure it not a phone related

Already done that. Didn’t changed anything.
Also testet it with diferent device without any change.

Also tried 3,5mm cable directly into it. Same Problem.
Will do what @Logically said.

Assymmetry which is across devices implies dud unit.

Gather the serial number, proof of purchase, what you’ve done so far to address, and wait for the weekend to pass.

Got my replacement today. Assymetrie is gone with that one.
Very stattisfied so far. The new ones got clicking Problem when using LDAC. New Problem i had with the first pair.
For the moment i deactivated LDAC there, which is okay’isch for me.

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Glad to hear they sorted it out!