Problem With Soundcore life Q10

I bought a new pair of Life Q10 by Soundcore, and was delighted by the sound quality as well as the build quality.
But from Day 2 I started facing an issue with the connectivity. The audio pauses and plays at small intervals while the video keeps playing and within seconds those intervals become huge. Which leads to finally complete silence. After this a small humming sound comes which is followed by the reboot sound without the battery percentage prompt. When I reconnect the headphones to the devices it works without any problem for about 2-3 hours after which it follows the same procedure and reboots.
Seeking the replace policy provided by Flipkart I have already replaced the headphones twice with the one I am using right now being third and that too is facing the same problem. I would love to use these headphones since they are of indeed a good quality but facing this issue on 3 Completely new units one after another is disheartening me.

As per problems faced by other users I have already Reset the headphones as well as Updated the latest BT Driver on my PC. As per my phone, the same problem persists in it too. The problem is not only with teams or zoom meetings but also with youtube video and other sites as well. Hence I believe the problem is with the headphones.
Please help me with giving your valued suggestions as to how I should tackle this situation.

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I don’t have the Q10 but I find it hard to believe that they would support Multi-point connection. Since in your post you say you have then hooked up to your phone and PC, I think the problem is they are fighting for control of the headphones.

If you have to have them hooked up to multiple devices:

  1. Make sure you have the Bluetooth of the other devices turned off. Or
  2. Delete the pairing of the other devices. OR
  3. Buy headphones that support Multi-point like the Q35, Q30, or Q20+

Good Luck!

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Thank you for your reply,
I too thought that it might be that, hence I tried only a single connection for half a day which resulted in the same problem.
Regarding Multi point Support, Q10 Indeed supports it as there is a procedure for connecting it two devices at once in the official User Manual that comes in the box.

Q10 is BT 5 so you may be suffering from a version issue. Multipoint only works when you connect the oldest BT version first.

If you swap so connected to newer then want to connect to older you have to turn headphones off then on then connect to older first.

Because Windows 10 keeps trying to connect to whatever it was paired with, it can connect and if its a newer version then it causes issues with older connecting later.

These manifest as either stuttering or simply not working.

If you are not aware of version issues you’d think it’s a “new problem” when in reality you got lucky initially in the sequence you connected, then tripped up later.

Thank you for the reply,
Since my laptop is older than my phone, I will try connecting my laptop first and then I will connect my phone.
I will try for about 6 hours and then I will inform you whether it helped or not.

Meanwhile, Other suggestions are also welcome.


Clean slate helps eliminate.

So delete all pairings, turn off all bluetooth everywhere (some BT receivers will autoconnect if they exist), iphones need to be in airplane mode. Reset the headphones.

Then turn just the PC BT on first, pair with it. See if works. If so then turn phone BT on next, pair. See if works. If so then if subsequently they go bad again then turn headphones off, PC BT off, phone BT off, headphones on, PC BT on (connect) then phone BT on.

Once you’ve figured it out then becomes muscle memory not a challenge.

The root cause is as you upgrade parts of your system (headphones, phone) then they drift off all being BT 4.2 to some being BT 5 and then the issue arises. Not Soundcore’s fault, it’s just accident of BT not designed for this.

Coming after doing a complete test of the suggestions given, these are my findings:-

  1. The problem persists without any relation to the pairing order.
  2. The problem persists even when connected to only one device, and I have tried with both.

And I have never faced any problem like this with any other wireless Headphones and earphones. I have used Zebronics Zeb Duke (BT v.5) for a month before using Q10, as well as JBL BT earphones. Be it with pairing order or auto restart, no such problem were faced in those. I believe that this shows that there is no problem with my devices with which I am trying to connect the Q10 with.

I request you to kindly help me at earliest as tomorrow is the last day to return a faulty product in Flipkart.

You need to process any warranty type issues via email and note they tend to not work weekends. This community is dominated by Soundcore fans - peers of yourself - and while support do sometimes come in here it’s typically fastest best to email them.

Proof of purchase,serial number, write up the fault and what you’ve already tried. Either they know a fix or deem it’s a warranty issue. If you do manage to fix then post how here for benefit of others.

Good luck.

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