Is it right to charge soundcore select pro with samsung 15 watt and realme 18 watt charger (realme powerbank)

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Do not know the watts of the select pro? I think that as long as the charging device is above the wattage of the device, you should be good as I think the device would not take more charge than it needed.

It’s OK. Speakers’s controller will take as much as needed.

As long as it’s a USB authorized charger, it should be OK.

The select pro is a lit version of the motion boom and is available through Walmart.

I, as others have mentioned, would say the 18w would be okay, perhaps the 15w would charge too slow.

Would be curious if you tried both, what time charging would take from naught to full, with both.

Motion boom not available in my country. I have select pro and I have tried with samsung charger when battery down below 50%, (9.0v 1.67A or 5.0v 2.0 A) it takes 50 to hundred withing 45 minute. I have not tested with 18 watt power bank yet.

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That’s pretty quick :wink:, and welcome nice to have you here.

How are you liking your select pro?

Superb :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: (till now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

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These products never take more than 5V 2A 10W, a faster charger than 10W will do no gain. The 9V will never be used.

If charging is slow then usually the cable’s fault.

I imagine at some stage Soundcore will make a larger battery speaker which benefits from higher Wattage and then I’d expect them to use Power Delivery 20W to use Anker 20W chargers. Nowhere near that now with a only 24Wh battery.

3350mAh x 7.2V = 24120mWh

I’m not sure I believe the 30W as literally you’d get less than 48 minutes usage. So something isn’t right.