Q & A For Soundcore Team?

Anyone else think it would be a good idea for an occasional Q & A session from the Soundcore team, where we as a community can get our active and often silly minds generating some questions for them to answer in either a video (bit like YouTubers with a large following do) or even written post here…the team seems quite receptive and active on conversations at present after all :slightly_smiling_face:

Questions possibly could be anything (within reason) such as ‘what’s your favourite product release so far?’, ‘the favourite part of your job?’ or even something silly like ‘whats your favourite ice cream?’ (yes I saw this on one YouTubers Q & A :confused: ) etc

Perhaps it could even be done on a per person rota?

  • Absolutely, I would like to try and get an answer to a question that’s been burning away about a person or the team
  • Nah, they have enough on their plates without our questions

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I’m with ya :100:

:+1: great idea

That’s really good idea :bulb:

Given how far off topic this forum goes, not sure we would learn much about the products.