Q20 not charging

I have a pair of Q20s that I bought in November 2020. I have only needed to charge them twice since then as I don’t use them often. A couple of days ago I tried to charge them again. When I plug them in, the light flashes red ONCE and goes out. They were on the charger for 6 hours and refuse to get any higher than “Battery low” when announcing the level. I’ve tried other cables and chargers that work on other devices.

Any suggestions?

Probably a dud by the sound of it but the only thing to try you not mentioned is a reset.

I’d also get a flashlight and a magnifying glass and look for debris in the port, sometimes debris gets pushed in each time you push cable in and eventually interferes with charging.

Did you try a reset?

If none of the above suggestions solve your problem, I would suggest contacting Customer Support since they should still be under warranty (18 months).