Q30 charging issues

I have had the life Q30s for about a week now, and have come upon an issue with the charging. When I plug it in, the charging light stays on for about 3 minutes, then shuts off. I originally thought that it kept charging, but I recently left it plugged in overnight, and the battery hasnt changed. Is there any tips on how I might fix this? I’m using a new chord, so there should be any issues with shorts.

What charger are you using

I am using the usb-c chord that the headphones came with, along with a wall charger that I have tested on multiple devices to remove it as a variable.

This appears to be a dud unit but:

  • try a different cable
  • try a different charger

Will do. If it is a dud unit, what would be my next step?

Work backwards through how you ordered as evidence of order is the first test to warranty.

If it’s not obvious then you can always visit


They will go through a list of checks to prove its a dud which will include try different cable try different charger so try those anyway now.

It is just bad luck, happens to all of us. At least it is still within warranty.

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