Q30 how to control volume independently from TV


I bought the Q30 headphones for my dad and they have been paired via Bluetooth with LG Nanocell TV (webOS). The pairing is working but we would like to control the volume on headphones independently from the TV. At the moment the sound is coming out on TV and on Q30, which is what we want. But if my mom is watching with my dad, she will listen sound on TV and my dad will use the Q30, how can he increase the volume on headphones without increasing volume on TV ??? At the moment, volume on Q30 is fixed at one level and cannot be changed on headphones.

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I doubt if it’s possible, in case volume control of headphones doesn’t work while connected to TV set. I would check TV if there is an opportunity to set two sound levels (for TV and for bluetooth device).
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I would check your settings on the TV. It may have sething to where you can manipulate.

A potential example is you could maybe have a soundbar and the headset maybe. I just helped set up my dad Liberty 2s to where the output went to the earbuds when active.

So you may be able to have output to headphones and then a connected soundbar as well.

Not sure if possible but it would all depends on your tv and how it plays. Example- can both be wireless or will the soundbar needing to be connected by a cable to get sound to both. Where the headset uses TV volume n soundbar uses its volume.