Q30 mute button feature

I know, it would be great if there would be native support for this simple function right out of box.

I’ve needed this for Teams calls and so the little workaround with use of AHK script and a little tweak helped me - this is for a little more techy guys of you https://www.reddit.com/r/anker/comments/o7y9e8/comment/hoov8e7/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

Hi All,

I have contacted Customer support last September to request this important feature, ticket number #30321264.
Since then I have asked for status update many times, but I always get shuffle response about how the feature development is going.
If we put more pressure on the support, I believe there will be a higher chance that this feature will be released.
Please everyone who wants this to be solved, send a mail to service@soundcore.com with an enquiriy about feature request #30321264

I just purchased the Q30 for my daughter who does a lot of zoom meetings.

I checked the manual and didn’t see a discussion of how to mute the microphone from the headset.

Why is this not a feature? I have WYZE headphones and double tapping the right cup mutes the microphone. Why will this not be added to the firmware?

Please address this issue. It’s not a complex function, and a highly demanded feature!!!

Kind of wishing that I would have purchased the WYZE headset for her now.

Bad news Everyone,
I finally got a prompt answer from support, that this feature is not going to be implemented :frowning:

i dont understand why have two butons for same option. in left side have a button to change between noise cancel types(three), and in right when press surface change mode(single mode) to change noise cancel. and why dont have a function to mute mic?

Recommend to move on. There’s been 3 (that I know of) headphones after this product and more coming so I don’t think there’s appetite to prioritise this one.

Best time to insert wishlists are:

  • ask for it in future products (so bang the drum on wishlists for yet-to-exist products)
  • ask for it in beta testing (if you’re lucky to be selected)
  • ask for it when it’s recently released to be inserted in early software updates.

If it didn’t happen on or soon after it was released November 2020, it won’t happen in June 2022 when product has been out for 18 months.

agree to disagree… maybe in soundcore Q60 have functions because today some users dont like about a feature or missing that and talk about. but you right. to Q30 dont have expectation to fix.

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Mute is surprisingly difficult to implement in bluetooth.

Anker is using AVRCP (typically v1.4) to send play/pause/next messages back to host. Mute is not part of AVRCP. Meaning the mute would (probably) have to be done locally to the headphones.

Anker is using “stateless” being host and device in that a “mute” is not inherently stateful at the host, so any hiccup would leave the headphone “not working”.

I think that’s why they haven’t done it yet. But they could if enough asked for it.

Physically how they would implement it is when the headphone mute is touched, the microphone in the headphone would be disabled. Issue then you have two places to mute (phone and headphone) so someone could think they are muted, and weren’t, or not muted and are. Unreliable.

I am not so sure it would be reliable. But they’re more expert at this than any of us here. Keep asking is my advice to press them.

Mute wired is far easier “break the wire”.

As in it can be added to future products but physically impossible to implement on existing products (as far as I can tell, they’re the experts).