Q30 sudden garbled/distorted sound

Everything has been great with the Q30, but while on a call today, they just cut out and the audio was all garbled, barely could understand the person speaking. No one else on the call heard it, and after a power cycle of the headphones they were back to normal.

Anyone else with that issue?

I do not have them but as far as on the community I do not think anybody has stated that issue as of yet.

Any other information would be helpful to either one of us on the community or if it continues. Was it a pc or phone? What kind of phone? Was you near your phone when you heard the garble or was you walking away from the phone?

Sometimes it could be other things. An example if you were walking away then you may have been going out of the distance they normally operate and walls also cause that distance to be shorter. The garble could be a slowness in your internet connection or phone potentially if the bandwidth took a dive.

I would say the prob is not the Q30.
There could have been an issue with your net connection.

Do you have a tool to check the maximum download/upload rate.
And is it possible to install another tool to show you the current bandwidth?
Such like such one I attached to my menu bar


Haven’t seen a utility like that for bluetooth, which is what I’m assuming you are measuring. Not using the headphones and the audio was great, so network bandwidth was likely fine.

I thought I’d replied earlier, but the situation was: dual connected to phone and laptop with the audio in question from the laptop. Sitting at desk next to both devices. Pixel 4A phone, Dell laptop about 2 yrs old. Battery on the headphones was at 80% according to the phone display.

I was hoping it was some sort of interference, since everything else was working well. Gave it several minutes to clear up, no dice, turning it off and the audio switched to the laptop and was fine. Turned it back on and audio was fine. Guessing some sort of issue in the headphone, possibly software but it’s not like I can get a log file from the headphones to send in to Soundcore for analysis (or can I?).

I think that was causing the problem.

The bandwidth I was talking about, is that of the net connection.
As Duane stated, there could have been some probs with that connection.

I’ve had this issue with other Bluetooth headphones. I found it was connection or a poor connection between the headset and the phone. Sometimes it was network issue. I would reset the headset and everything was fine.

Another thing I found was other open apps sometimes interfered with the connection. I don’t really know why this was an issue. So I did force shutdowns on all non essential apps (those that won’t start on reboot) and did and restarted the phone. This works a lot of the time as well.

If you keep getting a repeat distorted sound I’d contact support.

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Sometimes my WIFI is disturbing the radio.

There are so many (too many) “things” around in the air. :smile:

I agree. Where we live there isn’t any fiber lines. We have to deal with Satellite for data/cable tv or point-to-point wireless high speed internet. Both of those can cause issues even if you aren’t in line of site. Its very small but I’ve noticed that if I’m near the dish and my dish is transmitting my Bluetooth acts up. But that’s only outside when it happens…

I would avoid dual connections if at all possible. I have had lots of weird problems the few times I used headphones that way. If it occurs with a single connection still, that is more of a concern.

I realize this thread is ancient (in internet time :slight_smile: ), but I just wanted to add for anyone else experiencing this that I am also having this problem and could not find any other reports of it other than here. I haven’t been able to identify specific triggers for the issue, other than it seems to occur only when I am in headset mode on/am speaking to someone. Turning the headset off and on again always resolves the issue (temporarily, until the next random occurrence), so it’s not like it’s an internet connection issue, and I am always sitting right next to my laptop.

Support is offering to file a warranty claim, so I’m hoping this issue is a rare manufacturing defect because otherwise I’ve really loved these headphones.

I am having the same problem as Mathew17. On a call a couple of weeks back and midway through the voice on the other side distorted. Today, on a call with a client and half way through the voice distorted - sounds like I am speaking to a demon. Music works fine. Should I return my Q30’s?

Same story with Liberty Air 2 Pro - just turns everyone to “terminators” at some point, only connected to a laptop (MBP), turning off/on the laptop’s bluetooth resolves the distortion.