Q35. 50 € more. Why? The Thread

Servus and Grüß Gott all my beloved Soundcore Q30 Users,

as I’m a German I’m pretty stingy you know. Most of my money goes into pretzels, sausages and beer. So folks, I ask you why should I invest 50 € more for the Q35 over the Q30? As far as I know so far the Q35 has the Sony LDAC codec and an automatically On-Off if you take the headset down. That’s all? And for that I have to pay 50€ more? Really? Is the LDAC codec worth the money? I own an android phone and so I could use this Sony codec. Please help me with your advice.

Prost. Chris.

All I hear so far: The Q35 is an overpriced, not necessary upgrade.

It is a complement to Soundcore the Q35 competitor is the Q30.

Right now in many countries the Q30 is discounted, and the Q35 is not discounted, so it’s maximum difference in price, but at a future time it will change, the Q35 discount will begin.

So its up to you, if you attach little value to the features then buy the Q30, or wait for the price drop of the Q35.

Just from looking at photos and specs, I agree with you it should be a closer price, but if someone wants the Q35 but not at this price, just wait.

One way the price drop may occur is when the additional colours come out, the original blue gets a drop. But I’d be extremely suprised if we don’t see a $30 off in next weeks.

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Ok, so seemingly you have gone on everyones posts over the past 24 hours and stated ‘bad review’. Now you have clarified here, let me point out a few things:

Android has access to LDAC, the Q30 chipset DOES NOT have LDAC and therefore cannot make use of the (up to) 990kbps transfer rate. Just because a phone has the codec does not mean it uses it. Regarding your question about if it’s worth it based on LDAC? That’s completely dependent on what you use to listen to music. If you’re using Tidal or your own Hi Res audio files - yes if you want to abandon a cable. If you’re using a normal streaming service then regular bluetooth Codecs will cover you with the Q30s.

The Automatic On / Off was a request by users, these weren’t necessarily users who already owned the Q30s.

The Silk Drivers are a big improvement over fabric but again, if you aren’t interested in using anything but streaming services then it won’t affect you.

I’ve only watched a couple of review videos so far BUT the fact is, if you own the Q30s then you probably aren’t going to move to the Q35s. This isn’t because of price but because the Q30s are bloody good headphones already, why would you want to upgrade already.

Each to their own but jumping on every thread shouting ‘bad review’ is just going to get peoples backs up. By the way, my review (as stated) shows an improvement over the Q20s (my previous SoundCore headphones) and my Bose QC35 IIs.

Doesn’t say anywhere bad review, just says objectively the difference in specs vs difference in price is off.

Value of course is subjective.

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If you take a look at the forum and look at most of the Q35 review posts, he’s jumped on to them to say ‘Bad Review’ before writing this one. Anyone that has attempted to comment back he’s just said ‘Hahaha Bad Review’.

I agree, value is absolutely subjective.

I’d be curious to know if they improved ANC on Q35 and if the “hiss” has been further reduced. Also, default sound comparison vs Q30. From what I gather, it’s likely the same as it is on Q30… e.g. people still report considerable bass reduction when you switch from Normal to ANC and whatnot. But still waiting on some official testing results (eg. Rtings).

I’d also be interested to know if Q35’s are actually any more comfortable to wear, as on Q30’s the upper part of the band starts pressuring my skull after 15-20 mins and I have to frequently adjust it as a result.

I think it was TechKhamun in his Q30 video where he said that if Soundcore added aptX (Qualcomm equivalent of LDAC) it would be perfect since the delay was quite noticeable. I would say it is worth upto $20 more but wear detection and hi res wireless would add another $15-20 of valuation? I think $109 is the perfect pricing for these new headphones.

Agreed it will take many more days before a robust valid opinion can be formed as all early reactions have to be surface only views.

From the photos only the external physical shape and the build look unaltered bar the thicker cups. The thicker cups will hold the band off your head a little more so you’d expect some comfort improvement.

Based on the codec, wear detection and the cable, you can see eventually around $10-$15 higher cost than the discounted Q30 which gets you to $80 eventually, but some months off.

But this is academic, prices are set by the buyer not the seller as over-priced leads to over-stock leads to discount , and anyone who wants it lower cost can simply wait.

AptX would imply Qualcomm which implies higher cost due to the slightly more expensive chipsets - a teardowm of Q35 required to confirm but tentatively BES.

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For some it won’t be worth the upgrade a lot depends on the features you decide are most important and you’re willing to pay for


Looking forward to your review.

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