Q35 not yet available in Soundcore app v2.6.4

Just have seen that in my soundcore app (v2.6.4) the Q35 are not yet available and there is also not yet an update available in the Android playstore.
Anyone already having received an update for the soundcore app?

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Someone shared a link to download the apk file. This worked fine.


I downloaded 2.6.5 from the Apple App Store and Q35 is showing up there.

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Thank you very much @roger186 for your really fast support. I downloaded the apk and now Q35 is there and it works. :blush:

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Basically through different threads, it seems that there is a smaller early release before it goes out to everybody. Thus the reason some people get it when others do not.


Thanks for sharing. But I always try to avoid downloading apk

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Depends on the geekiness.

You can always download next/current/previous versions, try it and then go back.

Non geeks should just wait as then the limited early users find more of the bugs. The least geek least risk is to not automatically update but wait unless you have a bug to fix.

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To be fair, based on Anker’s published information on Amazon and Soundcore, you should not yet have the Q35 in your hands unless you’re in the beta program and then they let you see the beta app stream.

You should see the Q35 in app store same/prior to Q35 in your hands when bought through Amazon/Soundcore.

You have the Q35?

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I will give this geekiness to others. I spend 8 hours of geekiness at work testing software and other activities such as the collective. :wink: I do not mind to wait if needed… I tend to wait a few day after it comes out to make sure the app did not insert a new issue. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much @Logically, unfortunately I´m not in the beta group, but was selected for the Q35 to review them prior to the general availability. Therefore I was searching for the latest soundcore app which include the Q35.

Do you have the Q35 in your hands?

Go to the link if on Android. If iPhone then keep refreshing.

2.6.6 imminent on Android, out already iPhone.

Depending on device you should see it in version 2.65 or 2.66 in the next couple days if not already

I just got access to 2.6.5 on Android 45 minutes ago (and believe me, I’ve been checking constantly). My listening experience capability is now complete.

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I had checked a few times myself as well. I was happy to see your post. The update was there for me too. :+1:

I ordered from Amazon yesterday around 1 am and got them in the afternoon -12 hours from order to door.

This meant my only option was to install the apk file.
(I have a virus scanner and it reported no problems).

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Cool, in these early days expect the most bugs, keep the prior and current APK downloaded so you can go back if required.

I wish there was a way to save current firmware so can roll back also. Feature request?

This is not saying anything bad about Soundcore, just common best practice for anyone who is seeking the maximum customer satisfaction.