Q35 - pause/play, skip and back button functionality not working, but volume does

**EDIT: **

24 hours later and all of these issues have resolved themselves without any further intervention or changes. Very weird, but good to know.


I have a pair of Soundcore Q35 headphones and have owned them for just over a week. Today the play/pause button and skip/go back functionality of the buttons on the right earcup have stopped working properly.

  1. Play and pause do not work
  2. However, long press on the Play/Pause button does activate Voice Assistant
  3. Pressing the volume buttons for a second or more does nothing
  4. However, a quick press does increase and decrease volume as expected
  5. I have unpaired and re-paired, I have reset the headphones
  6. I am only paired with my phone; i.e. no dual pairing with a laptop or paired with the Soundcore app, which shows separately in my device list as Soundcore Q35-BLE (which in itself seems odd behaviour - I have never seen an app showing as a separate connected Bluetooth device - this also occurs when using my Liberty 3 Pros)
  7. My phone is an iPhone 13 running iOS iOS 17.1.2
  8. Lastly, I have just checked my Soundcore Liberty 3 pros and exactly the same thing is happening with regards to functionality of taps, double-taps, etc on the buds
  9. Soundcore App version - v3.4.3; Soundcore Q35 Firmware version - 03.40 ;Liberty 3 Pro Firmware Version 03.96

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. I’m assuming that because this is occurring on two different pieces of hardware that it’s a software issue, but it’s strange that it has suddenly happened and I don’t believe either device has had an update recently.

Cheers in advance,


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i just stole this headset from my friend and its good ,