Q45 Space with Windows 11

I bought a Space Q45 series and i have an Lenovo V14 laptop.

When i connect Q45 with this laptop, the sound is worst and poor, like a radio station and microfone enter sound is worst an poor too.

In a Android device the sound is very good.

Anyone have the same problem??


You should read the comments about that
famous and best WINDOOFS OS and its bt connections and drivers. :laughing:

Install the driver given by your bt card manufacturer instead of the default driver offered by MS.
This often helps.

Also try to lose connection with the android phone and laptop and add the laptop and then the phone.

Investigate headset vs headphone searches. You’re probably on headset. Headphone sounds better but disables microphone, if you want both good audio and mic you need to have an audio device with drivers which allows that.

Nothing to do with Soundcore, search in forums related to Windows and bluetooth.


Guys, I managed to solve it by installing the driver itself as the friend @Chiquinho suggested. But I also found that when logged into a Discord voice room the sounds change and get bad! Therefore, just not logging into the voice room has already solved it.


did u install drivers? wich ones and where? thx

Thank you so much I’ve had mine for a while now and on the laptop they always sound like I’m in a washing machine. Just found this thread and switched them over to Headphones from headset and I’ve been let out of the washing machine. Thank you so much.