Quick access EQ settings of choice in Soundcore app widget

It would be so nice to be able to quickly switch up between several EQ settings of choice, as I found it rather ineffective to have to open the app whenever I want to listen to an audiobook/podcast comfortably right after listening to music

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You could use the eq of your device, often these are better to adjust than the ones from the app.

Nice suggestion. You can send it directly to Soundcore by email service@soundcore.com

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You can also just setup a shortcut do that. It’s one of the reasons you are able to access Siri with you headset. You’d be blown away what you can do and setup with the shortcuts. I started looking them up and some people get super complicated with them. You can copy other peoples shortcuts as well, if I remeber right there are forums that people post them in and you’re able just to copy and add them to your iOS without having to know or understand how to work it all

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Might have to give if a try! Thanks for the suggestion!

I’m using an Android but thank you, I’ll look into whether my device has a similar feature as that :blush:

Like @VertigoXX suggested, your best bet is to send Soundcore an Email with your suggestion.

I think they have a pair that does that and I think it iwas the p2 mini.

Normal, bass, n podcast.

Only issue is knowing which is which…

Have you created any siri shortcuts for the Soundcore app? If so, are you able to share what you created so others can use/learn from what you made?