Quiet audio using cable on Q30

I just received the Q30 and with the headphone cable the audio is VERY quiet, it works fine via bluetooth, am I missing something or do I have a faulty set?

Where did you connect the earphones to via AUX cable.
Remember there are two kind of AUX sockets and plugs.

@Chiquinho. good point…

Have you tried different devices? Different devices may be too old or are too new and have different settings.

I noticed this issue when I am trying to test and compare all my headphones, however I have reconnected them and it seems to work ok now, thank you all.

Enjoy the headphones and the week coming!

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I am having the same issue. It seems that if you plug the aux in with the headphones off, you get decent volume but a worse sound quality.

If you have the headphones powered on when you plug in the aux then it is incredibly quiet but the sound quality is much better.

Annoyingly I have found you have to unplug the aux to be able to switch the headphones off…

I wonder why the volume is so much quieter and if there is anything that can be done about this?

I have the same issue when powered on with wired connection the q30 are quiet but when powered off with wired connection audio level is fine. So this means i cant use anc or transparency mode with wired connection because the audio level is to low apart from that minor issue the headphones are amazing :clap:

If you are on a windows based system, please check this…


I just found out what’s wrong. You have to turn the Bluetooth off on the headphones before you plug in the cable. If your Bluetooth and cable are on it will he quiet.

I hope this helps!


I will have to remember this for other as I know others will ask about this too…

Thanks for letting us know

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I am so happy! Just found the soundcore app had a firmware update today.

The problem has been fixed!!!

Now you can have low latency good quality sound with the headphones turned on and plugged in.

Great to see a company using customer feedback. Thank you soundcore!

This update has been a deal breaker for me. The sound quality is so much better with the headphones turned on and there is a significant improvement over the Q20s for latency. So much so that I can play my Midi keyboard with the aux cable and headphones powered on.

Thanks for the headsup, updated mine.

No news on the microphone quality update (if its possible)?

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The new update has fixed these issue and these headphones are near perfect now :ok_hand:

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Interesting observation, thanks for the note.

I love the Aux features on all of these headphones, I just wish they included the mic. Would make them much more useful as gaming headphones with my xbox.

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Yeah, tried a 4 pole aux on the Q10s and not much luck yet… still testing…

I was struggling to get the wired connection working with a Windows laptop. I too found that Bluetooth needs to be off. What you need to do is plug the cable into the headphones and THEN switch the headphones on.

Hi how do i turn in off?