R50i - Different Firmware Versions Left & Right Pair

Hey there, hope you’re all doing well.

I’ve bought a R50i a couple of months ago but unfortunately I lose left pair. Then I’ve contacted my local Anker distributor and I learned that they sell left or right pairs as a spare part. So I bought a left pair.

Then my problem began.

Thing is, my right pair’s firmware version is 05.30 and left pair’s firmware version is 09.25. Because of this difference (I think), when I start using the headphones, the (new - spare) left pair’s volume is too low comparing to the right pair.

The only way I found so far to equalize the left pair’s volume level is through Soundcore app’s equalizer change option. When I change the equalizer profile, left pair is slowly gaining level and equalizing to the right pair.

This situation repeats every single time and I’m so tired of this.

Resetting the buds completely, Soundcore app settings, etc. None of them worked. And I can’t find any guide or resource to force a firmware update to the buds.

Any suggestions?