Radio: Still an important habit

Definitely still a radio listener… especially on weekdays on Radio 2 in the UK. At 10:30am every weekday there is a pop-quiz called PopMaster which pits 2 members of the public against each other to test their music knowledge. The winner gets the chance to win a bigger prize by naming 3 top 10 hits from a band/group in 10 seconds (it’s harder than it sounds). Those who do well on the leaderboard are invited back at the end of the year to take part in the quiz again in the PopMaster Champions League. It’s really addictive and we like to take part while listening along. Just haven’t had the guts to try entering.


Best are such radio broadcasts with not many comments and no news and propaganda at all.

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I listen to a lot of the radio at work partly as background to concentrate but later on to try for their contest as well. Won countless concert tickets, and other radio prizes over the last 10 years such as white water rafting, amusement tickets n such items.

I still enjoy the food prizes the most as it gives me a chance to try new places with a limited investment monetary to feed 4 people. Found some nice places I would not have tried otherwise

You should try for it. The worse case is you don’t win. I lose as much as I win. If you think it will be too nervous, I suggest doing a few other radio contest to calm the nerves…


I know there are such contests here too.
But as I stated above : they talk too much, :grin: so I avoid those stations.

@Duane_Lester I remember participating in a few radio phone-ins back in the day. I won a couple of things (a DVD and CD), but it has been a long time since I have picked up the phone to enter. I do believe I might also have been slightly inebriated at the time, as it was late night / early morning coming back in from a night out kinda time.

@Chiquinho I definitely try to avoid commercial radio at all costs, but BBC Radio 2 has some great shows that don’t have overly much talking :wink:

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I usually listen to this one :

3 channels
I am on the classic one. :smile:

Here is a good one too, I did a thread on this one a while back

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I used to win a lot of prizes on bbc radio shows late night on local stations with questions via texting. And on air stuff especially when it involved yank related questions lol. But when traveling other countries I couldn’t understand what was being said so radio became rare. Now I don’t listen to radio when driving in the car because my local radio is so political, and I mean every damn station I get, I only use my system to play CDs. I used to enjoy radio because it was introducing new music, different genres, and local news now it’s just far right and left screaming why the other is horrible all year long, 24 hours a day I can’t find one music station or news station

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Best would be to learn other languages. :smile:
You know there are many countries where English is spoken only a littleb bit !
Without understanding/speaking Spanish/Portuguese you are totally lost in South / Middle-America for example.

Me too I am so fed up listening to that lousy propaganda.

I trashed my TV 30 years ago and In FREE now.

Try that “Radio garden” Duane published.
I found some stations playing good old Swing the whole day and of course those with classical music.

I don’t listen to a lot of radio these days. When I do I listen to Detroit Station on the Internet.

Try this one!

Fados from the best!

But I know this is not such" a place".
Only those who know about will like. :smile:

I do speak a little of many languages but my travels through Europe involved many countries I loved small towns to get a feel for the real people not tourist traps.

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I can not get such on my radio in car but will take a listen when I am at my computer

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If you speak the language of the country you are crossing only a little bit
its helps you such a lot to get in better contact with people there, when traveling.

What I really dislike : Someone ask me something me in English here in Germany,
WITHOUT asking me if I do speak this language.
I use to answer those persons :
“Sorry I don’t understand you and I don’t speak English at all.” :laughing:

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I listen radio mostly while I am driving. So can’t participate in any quiz shows.

I may have mentioned Poolsuite before, but it is a nice little app / website that plays Summery and Chilled Out music back to back with no talking at all. Will be using it to tune out while on holiday. Thanks for the other suggestions too.