Rave PartyCast - Now available from Walmart for $139.00

Buy it from Walmart here!

I would assume this is the same as the Rave Mini, but now with PartyCast support. Big thanks to Mike Hancock on Youtube for bringing this to my attention

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Feel like this is a mislabeled thing on Walmart’s part.
It looks like the rave mini which doesn’t have party cast.
Not to mention partycast isn’t a speaker… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Great find

Yeah the naming seems off, should be “Rave PartyCast”

@Loz maybe you guys can look into since specs and everything are for the rave mini.

It’s not the same as the Rave Mini. It shows in the product information that it has partycast.

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This is the Latest Soundcore Speaker… rave PartyCast, similar to Rave Mini in specs but with PartyCast Technology.

This was earlier confirmed by @galaxy.zhang

(that thread has been deleted as part of Collective 2.0 i guess)

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Looks like a nice deal I don’t know if that’s the cheapest it’s ever been though

Nice looking tailgating speaker, and sweet battery life.

Thanks @matthew2ndson

Nice! Now to just find a Walmart close enough

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Nice deal and good find :+1:

Nice find :+1:. Looks like the Walmart’s around me have a handful of them.

But what you cant see is how to charge it and does it have a custom EQ or only fix settings.
USB-C would be nice and state of the art.

In the description it states that it has custom light and equalizer setting through the partycast app.

They write only “tailor the EQ”.
But not if it has custom EQ or fix settings.