Rave PartyCast - Short review/opinion / AND my customer support experience

I’m keeping this short because the Rave PartyCast is mostly the same as the Rave Mini, so you can research on that if you want to know more or see photos.

The upgrades from the Rave Mini to the Rave Partycast (that I know of) are that the Rave PartyCast offers Custom EQ and PartyCast.

The Rave PartyCast sounds just OK on default sound settings. Custom EQ is a must if you want good sound. The bass is not very deep with default settings also.

Now one thing I noticed was that with the custom EQ it was not possible to get a whole lot of low end bass pumping out when below 70% volume… However, above 70% volume the sound is incredible, loud, and hits the deep bass HARD.

PartyCast also works well.

So I reached out to customer support, to suggest to them that an increase in the bass in lower volumes would be a good idea. They were quick to respond, letting me know that my suggestion would be forwarded to the product team to see if they can make an improvement in the future. 10/10 service right there.

So as of now, I would recommend this speaker for anyone planning on using it at 70% volume or higher. If a firmware update is ever released to solve this lack of bass I will update this thread.


They are pretty good. Glad you had a good customer service experience.

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Thanks for sharing your experience

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Looks like you went with these for now instead of smaller Flare series. I don’t like serious bass heavy songs so this speaker would probably be just fine for me at the volume I listen to. I hope they update the firmware soon though

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Glad you like it and I love our customer support they really are top notch

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I’m also looking for firmware for the rave party cast and all I can find is the one for the flare, my rave party cast has latency issues

Contact Customer Support and let them know the issue you are having.