Rave speaker stand

Wondering if anyone has used a certain stand for the 80w rave soundcast? Would like to use this for my outside movie screen. Trying to figure out which stand to use. I know it’s not PA stand compatible. Can a camera stand work for the threaded insert application under speaker?

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Is there screw threads on the bottom of the speaker where it can be mounted on a tripod.?
There are very stable tripods offered.

Yes there is. I don’t have a tripod at the moment to see if it’s the same thread. Do you think it’s the same thread that most tripods have? Also didn’t know if soundcore had their own tripods especially for those models.

There are adapters available if the screw will not fit.
So there is no problem.
More important is the stability and toughness of the tripod.

I don’t know if soundcore offers tripods.
I would go for a stable used one to safe money :smiley:

If a tripod doesn’t work, would be a good suggestion for Soundcore to market one.

I know Anker has for their projectors.

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Interesting. I didn’t know had a threaded place to mount.

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Seems to be a very normal one.
A stable tripod will do.
I am sure you can get such one used.
People are using phones to take pictures so tripods are not much in use anymore.

Can not he sure if a tripod will but think it will. I would worry on the size of the tripod and it’s max weight.

There are stable ones holding speakers more weighty.
The weight of the Rave is ca 10kg.

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Another question is, if such a stable tripod got more weight than the speaker! :laughing:
I would look for an alu one.

Here is one with 2,2kg
(The same in steel is 3,2 kg)

Too bad the fellow isn’t here in Germany.
I am sure i could find a fitting one here on the flea market! :laughing:

I’d suggest checking on amazon for your region, and look for a DJ stand or speaker stand.

Otherwise, I’d maybe se what @dez_s may have / use. As I recall they may have the rave and also used to be (maybe still does :wink:) DJ gigs.

Update… reg tripod for cameras will not work. The screw is too short. I’ll be going with a PA stand that that has an adapter using 1/4" screw Thanks everyone for your input.

@531WatchDog My Rave sits on an Ikea stool:

But I would be leery of mounting a stand on that small tripod socket below the speaker. I’d rather mount / screw it to a base that covers the bottom of the speaker and than mount that base to a stand. Maybe something like this by Glide Gear and slide into any speaker stand: https://www.amazon.com/Glide-Gear-SPA100-Speaker-Adapter/dp/B07B6V8SKM


If you use such a stool, there is no need to mount it by a screw of course and
I don’t think these can be used outdoor carried around a lot.

But of course the use indoor is perfect, those kind of stools don’t cost a fortune.

there should be fitting adapters.
If you have some DIY skills you could add a base where the speaker gets a perfect stabilitly

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