Real Sound should be felt

For all of you sound engineers, why is it that even the best recording, played with the best speaker, is so different from the live music? For instance, hearing cello played live, you can feel, not merely hear, the vibrations, through your body and fingers. Does similar technology exist in the sound world to reproduce this?

I have found the best way to reproduce this sound is by the use of tube amplifiers. Transistor amps alter the sound and not for the better, it can often times lead to unwelcomed distortion

Its the atmosphere only. :rofl:

Good question!

Serious : You know all those mp3, Flac, wave recordings are quite limited regarding the frequencies…
When compressed to these formats, there is a lot of loss of real sound.

The best sound you will get from high end speakers, an amplifier equipped with tubes,
a good (expensive) turntable with a really high end pickup and playing vinyl records.

But don’t forget, even you own such an equipment it has to be installed in an “empty” room.
No furniture, curtains and carpets, those will “swallow” the sound of course.

If so, you have spend > 10.000 Euros for such an high end equippment you may not be satisfied, because of your poor old worn ears. :wink:

Is that how they always format money in DE?

Never thought about feeling the music although I found the best way to feel the music was to be in the next car of the younger kids who are blasting the bass within their vehicle next to me…lolol

As I mentioned above, and now that I’m fully awake. Tube amplifiers are the way to go as it creates a harmonic distortion that changes the sound for the better. It creates a warmth that is more realistic to live events and when coupled with the right headphones or speakers you can actually feel the music and engross yourself in it.

If you use modern day transistor amplifiers, it will create a compressed distortion that isn’t pleasant to the ears and changes the way we listen to music. This is part of the reason why people turn music up so loud, so they can hear minute details and feel the punchiness of the song. But when compared to tube amplifiers you will see and feel the difference between the two

I have never heard of a tube amplifier. What is the cost of one? Is it included in a speaker or something you stick in front of the speaker? Can you recommend a few?

There is an example:


Beside this you need high end speakersand a high end turntable.

All quite expensive!

Hmmm. I’ve never heard of these. Can they only be used with vinyl? Is there a way to hook it up to a computer or CD player?

How have you never heard if tube amplifiers? Some can be hooked to a computer but you are better of hooking up a DAC converter between the two otherwise you risk blowing the computer sound circuit

Real Sound, hmm…
should be Live. :stuck_out_tongue:

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The problem with most live music is that your in such an open atmosphere, sometimes the soundstage can get lost as your trying to play at such high volumes

Live events are so popular and will always continue to be because they are more inclined to invoke those feelings within your body. Therefore creating a memorable experiance.


Yes, that’s why kids go music festival need ear protection.

Believe there’s a pair of ear plugs that reduce the number of decibels being heard, but still maintain the same quality of the Music.

I saw it on shark tank

Did the sharks invest for the concert ear plugs?

I don’t remember that haha

Is this the product Earplugs Shark Tank

Yeah that’s them

I guess I’m lucky. I usually hear chamber music in small venues like the local library. No amplification.

Not to mention hearing musicians practice daily…