Release articles about Life P3

German article:

While they don’t really give much detail and aren’t reviews some highlight different aspects of the specs and have speculations of what they think these will be like. The Forbes one does have a typo I believe saying ten minutes of charge gives 12 hours when I think it should be 2 but I couldn’t find it on the Soundcore site to confirm. Looking at the specs looks like these will compete with the life a2 nc and the Liberty air 2 pro.

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thanks for the collection of articles. looking forward to the release of the P3s.

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I’ll update this thread if I find more but I don’t think we will see a lot until either closer to the release dates or after the release when reviews start to come out. Regardless I am very excited

I’d expect Soundcore to make their own thread with all reviews on launch date from the beta testers who are currently professionally biting their lips.

Personally I prefer text reviews as I can read faster than watching Youtube video.


Thanks for this @ktkundy, I just spotted these and was extremely interested to see what they do. The Life P2s as per my review are used daily in the shower, this was a huge benefit of them - I’m hoping they maintain that IP for these ones! I am loving the colour options and the introduction of NC is excellent.

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I think beta testing would be fun.

My job is basically testing my company hardware and software. I love to find the “oh crap” issue or the ability to do something different from time to time.

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I think I forgot about the waterproof on those as I “gave” those to my son a while back.

I will say with that upgrade, I am unsure of any air 3 are needed.

I think if they do they will have a similar spec and soundcore would have a similar as the q30 and q35 discussion

I wonder if that will be the same discussion for air pros n p3.

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The time is too late for P3 beta testing as it’s imminent, too late to find and fix bugs.

The beta testing time opportunity for later products

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Was not saying p3. Was meaning any sort of beta testing whether it was soundcore or any other company

Just re-read a couple of the articles, if they’re right then it’s nice to see that they’ll still be IPX5 (Directed Nozzle protection) so should still be good for downpours and the shower.

I’m not seeing IP rating quoted here (yet)

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Check out the Muo article (unless they’ve plucked that out of thin air which is always possible).

Every aspect of their words is just a volumeness wording of the Soundcore site, but they don’t quote their source so just raising an eyebrow until I see it from Soundcore directly.

If they’ve aimed for a mid-range, you can infer it from looking at the next higher up product the LA2P with is IPX4 (I just looked it up) so I challenge the mid-range has higher rating than a more expensive product.

But I’m not saying it isn’t, just skepticism with justification.

I’ll just ask the direct question in the best thread.

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