Review of soundcore liberty air 2

Hey everyone i wanna ask anyone who tryed anker liberty air 2 if it’s worth it or not , the music sound ,and the calls is everything okay?

I do not know for sure… I have actually got the liberty air 2 but I gave it to my mother in law and she has said it was good.

It has been around for a bit and I do not think I have heard a bad thing about it. On the site, there was something when it was out where Soundcore had made changes to it to improve it based on customer comments. So there are like 3 version out there with different tap functionality (single tab, double tab and single/double tap).

BIG NO for Liberty Air 2. Issues: 1. Pairing troubles are universally known for this model. Frequently the buds just won’t pair properly to the device. With only one bud playing music at a time. This seems a software bug that soundcore hasn’t addressed. You keep on doing hard reset and it never works. Until you keep them unused for some days and then try the pairing again. I know strange, but it’s a big issue with these!! 2. Sound signature on default is shrill at high end, and the presets in the app din’t sound good either for me. I had to spend some time with custom eq in the app to figure out a sound that works for me. BASS IS NOT GOOD! These are treble heavy earbuds with a weak base. You can tweak the eq but no matter what they don’t produce a clean base. 3. Call Quality is okay but if it’s a noisy environment the noise cancellation is so strong that it cancels most of your voice as well, you sound tiny and tunnely, and the person at the other end will not hear you clearly. That’s that.