Review: Soundcore Life A2 NC+

A few weeks ago, Soundcore had another one of their community contests to review the new Soundcore AC NC+. I was surprised that I was selected since they were looking for video reviews/unboxing videos and I’m not setup for it. I mentioned that as well. After being selected I decided maybe it was time to get started with the video reviews and get some gear, but things happen, and the real world hit between my health and being short staffed I didn’t have time to modify my review template and start from scratch. So, I ended up doing my regular review over on my website. Below is shortened version of the review (Sorry it’s still a little longer on here than I like). That full version includes some testing against the AC NC and the Life P2 Mini. Thanks @Soundcore for giving me the opportunity to test the earbuds.

To see the complete review along with more images of the earbuds check out the full review over at my personal website.

The Review

As always, Soundcore did it right when it comes to packaging. It’s got enough information about the product and it’s easy to open the package up and get to the contents out.

On first impressions the earbud case looks nice and feel good in my hands. Because of power storage needs the case is a little on the larger size but it’s not all that thick and fits easily in my jean pockets. On the bottom you will find the reset button and the back bottom edge is the USB-C port with rubber cover to keep moisture out.

The lid flips up and activates the status lights. The 3 lights slowly disappear as the power is drained. They also blink when charging.

Sitting nicely in the case are the earbuds. The earbuds lay flat and if not properly placed they won’t charge, and the lid won’t close.


The earpads have a variety of sizes and hooks to choose from. You can mix and match for the right fit. If you do not have the right fit the sound quality isn’t good and they will fall out. I figured that out early on I had the wrong size earpads when the earbuds started slipping out as I leaned over my computer.

I’ve worn these for about 2 hours at a time. Sometimes just at my desk at home doing work, while walking around the store, doing some yard work, or at the gym. They are comfortable. I do find that they slip just enough to lose the airtight seal needed to increase sound quality. I then have to adjust the earbuds. But I was able to fix (for the most part, it slips a lot less now) that with using the proper sized earpads.

Sound Quality

The Earbuds came fully charge and the case had some charge on it. I ran the earbuds over the next few days and when the earbuds ran out of charge, I put them in the case to charge and about 10 minutes later I was good to go. When I got home that night put them on the charger and the next morning I had them fully charged. Running them for an hour to two for over a week and I still didn’t need a charge. I’m on day eight now and the case says its I will need to charge up soon, but I still have more several hours of use left.

Noise Cancellation

The noise cancellation works as other noise cancellation products by Soundcore. However, if the earbuds aren’t seated properly in my ears, I found they let a lot of outside noise in.

Soundcore Life A2 NC vs Soundcore Life A2 NC+

I grabbed my wife’s A2 NC and compared them to the new A2 NC+. Physically they are the same or at to the eye they seem that way. Without pulling out my measuring tools and they feel the same. The only difference is they might be slightly heavier. My ears aren’t the best, but they sound same. The only differences I can tell is the microphones on the on the A2 NC work better for me and the distance I can walk away from my phone while connected is about 10 further. Neither one of these have very distance in my opinion.

Final Thoughts

I have mixed feelings about the Life A2 NC+. There are a things I like about them and a few things I do not. In my opinion they are way to similar in sound and quality to the Life A2 NC. What I love is how long the battery life. But both my wife and I love the battery life on these. I asked her she wanted me to upgrade hers and she said no, but if she looses them or they die she wants a set of these. My advice if you already have the previous, don’t upgrade unless you need the extend playback.


Nice review and awesome pictures…as stated life stuff does happen as it has for me recently as well

Nice review and nice photos. Thanks for sharing