Revision of Motion+ coming soon

There’s a Motion+ revision at the FCC, the fact it’s had to go there will be an electronic change.

While making products better is good, the traditional problem this causes is they have the identical name so causes confusion with buyers.

We already have examples where products revised with TWS added and buyers ended up with two different versions unwittingly.

My ask of Soundcore is when they launch for sale this is made explicitly different words emphasize the difference and ideally show alongside with the difference highlighted.

So the thread never happens, they avoid it, of “what’s the difference” or “I own already a Motion+ , bought another and this won’t TWS pair with it”.


We know all about those confusions.
Many models, many types , same name.
Its an old story you know that.
We can not help.
We can give advises only.
We are no the staff.
We are the humble users here.

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Well now I’ve given the advice the hypothetical issue will never arise, the writers are as I type now editing the Amazon listings to be clear and I look forward to the gratitude :slight_smile:

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They so often promised to clarify, you know that.
Take a look how many different RoboVacs are listed.
I am sure even the sale managesr don’t know what is around!
Same with the earbuds.

Interesting. Will be looking forward to see what’s getting changed.

I did hate that with the Liberty Air 2 a while back then. It seemed like it was daily for a while as they kept changing the iteration after a bit. :wink:

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Screenshot from FCC website. Looks like Soundcore is making some sort of change to the Motion+ or Flare+. I can’t tell which one it is since it mentions the Flare+ but uses the Motion+ model number. Not sure what it all means but for those curious go ahead and take a look.


Mentioned before, we don’t know much obviously.

The Flare looks a cosmetic change, the Motion+ more significant change.

My only concern is the confusion in consumers who have identical product names with non-trivial difference. Soundcore has form here, the number of threads of which Boost you own for TWS, for example.

I’m not against evolution of products, I’m against them having the same name or a buried hidden difference the consumer easily makes an error purchase.

Merging into other topic of similar nature.

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They never seem to do their copychecking right. And the names are confusing. And they don’t retire old products very well. So there will always be confusion, and it just gets worse with time.
So to all buyers - be careful that the product you are looking at has the features you want, and not just the name is close.

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Yes and community seems to used for support not purchase recommendation / advice. We seem to get more “doesn’t work” threads and too few “what should I buy” threads.


I just want the motion boom with 2 tweeters added lol!!!

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Approaching the time for it to appear in stock. Hardware version 2, potential Increase in battery life, audio codecs different, but otherwise identical. I know there’s quite a few threads on Bluetooth reliability and auto power off, but that hardware doesn’t look altered.

My greatest fear is TWS will refuse to work between version 1 2 years ago and version 2 now and the consumer doesn’t know in advance.

Can Soundcore official announce what is different and if TWS will pair between v1 V2 hardware?

If this concern is real can the updated sales literature state the difference and whatever doesn’t works. e.g. “Upgraded model cannot be TWS with prior version 1 hardware”.

There would also need to be a way to identify exactly which hardware/software version is on the device in question…maybe the Soundcore App or a stand-alone app can be created to poll the device for this info. As it stands now, how would you even begin to attain this info, especially if your device is not even supported by the Soundcore App in the first place? Lots of older/lower-end devices are not supported at all.

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We have parallels with the Liberty Air 2, different hardware versions had different software versions and each with their own updates.

I’m simply asking for it to be explicitly called out by Soundcore, not a stumble fumble guessing by consumers.

This is my Motion+ in the app

Upgrading to partycast would be a win and a loss then - pairing with all the new stuff, but not with the older ones at all.

One of the reasons I never loved their proprietary pairing tech that only worked between identical products. Cool idea, not that useful unless you are intentionally planning for it and buy them together.

Agree. And I’d go further in a wishlist.

I’d like Partycast to evolve to control either audio channel so you can make a speaker either left or right or merged mono.

I see all the posts about how difficult is Partycast and TWS in terms of button pressing, and can’t help feeling it needs some KISS.

I’d like for example to move it to the app where you talk with a speaker and tell it what to be.

In the case of this Motion+ , none of the changes mentioned impact TWS or Partycast, as it’s not the radio change and only the DAC change. So that would change audio quality. However, as the DAC has changed, that could potentialy break TWS.

I’d just like the documentation upon release to be clear so the consumer is protected from confusion.

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