RIAA and use or misuse of copyright laws


Lots of interesting content there. Laws get passed with different intentions than they are used for in the end often. I think it is clear the music industry is stretching the law in trying to control what people can do with music. A good look at how those tradeoffs happen.

There’s also that a law is only as good as its enforcement, and enforcement is only as good as compliance, and compliance is determined more by sense of fairness.

So long as laws are seen as fair then compliance is naturally higher. If it’s not seen as fair then workarounds are created as, by definition, any creation of man is limited by man’s intellect so can be destroyed by another man’s intellect.

So really using sense of fairness is better than the law or the technology, the latter to formalise the former.

For example for musicians, so long as they get a minimum income to be able to focus on music, is seen as fairer than a millionaire musician. So older popular songs should be less controlled than fresh new music from a startup musician.

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In the end it is no different than taping off of radio… well okay bit better quality on yt.

For me, if I find a song I like on YouTube, I check Spotify to see if I can find and add onto my playlist. No need to dl.

Perhaps content creators trying to get royalty free snips for their videos?