Right earbud is not charging more than 40% , Liberty air 2

Right earbud is not charging more than 40%. Everything is alright but it’s not charging more than 40%. I’ve reset this several times. No solution. Please help.

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I would suggest to clean contacts.
If problem persists and it’s under warranty contact service@soundcore.com

Clean the contacts on both the earbuds and the charging case. Make sure the case is fully charged and that the earbud is sitting properly. You could also try resetting the earbuds. If none of those solve the issue then I would drop support and email and see if they have any other ideas

I’ve tried this already. No change at all. :unamused:

So only a contact with the support could help.

Depending on what size ear pads you are using, the case may not be closing all the way. This will cause the one or both earbuds to not properly charge. I had this issue on 2 pairs of TWS earbud sets.

If cleaning the contacts don’t work and the case is properly closing, then I would contact Support and let them know what’s going on.

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Same here. please help. Right earbuds will intermittently charge and not charge at all sometimes. what is going on? never had this problem before till i updated the firmware

I think the problem is the firmware update, Because it was just fine before . I’m using it now with the case open. It charges when the cover/hinge is open. After charging I close it . You can contact for support if you have warrany left enough .