Right earbud just suddenly a lot quieter (can barely hear it) how do i fix this?!

Out of nowhere my right earbud is just ridiculously quieter. I have reset both of them, unpaired and repaired so many times, and cleaned them both. I cannot figure out why this has suddenly changed, my phones audio settings are completely normal and when i change the balance to be solely on the right, it still doesn’t make it louder. I’ve tried everything does anyone know how to fix this?

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Unsure how long you have had them bur rhink you may need to contact service@soundcore.com.

I was going to lean toward cleaning them bur you have done that.

My only other suggestion is to forget and then pair them to a different phone. If the same then contact above email if not then try to reset phone

Try a different phone, sometimes the phone gets confused.

If different phone has same issue, it probably is still a need to clean.

Are you cleaning with hydrogen peroxide? It dissolves earwax, other cleaning solutions don’t work.