Right earbud not charging to 100% - Liberty 4 NC

I have the soundcore Liberty 4 NC and off late my right earbud never charges to 100%. It often shows charging upto 80% or sometimes 70% even after being in the case overnight and the case being charged 100%. Moreover, the same tends to drain faster as well and the left has 50% capacity left but the right is drained out.
According to support email chain this is normal behavior as the right earbud is primary one and will not charge to 100% and is expected to drain faster. I understand the part that the same will drain faster but dont buy the logic that it should not charge to 100%?
Any help will be appreciated.


Same for me, but with the left eabud, and mine isn’t currently charging at all.

I have liberty 4, me help discharged left and right headphones, when you discharged left push on table for example, before discharged right, and back twice device in case. But always time right headphone discharged early.

The left earbud of my Liberty 3 does Not charge battery at all; showld send the wholevthing back for warranty? What can I do?

I had this problem with my old buds and since it was out of warranty could not do any but discard