Sales link suggestions

I have had a little bit of time to review and look at the sales link. My brother was buying a product and I had a discussion about the link itself with another community member. With this I had some thoughts on this process.

The first thing that I noticed when I first went to the sales link was the address at the top (see above) where you can see that you are on your sales link page. This is good as you know you are in the sales referral link but if you leave this initial page, you can not really tell if you are on the sales pages or are on the website pages. (see below) Both pages show the same product and page address. I wonder if it needs to show an indication of which address you are on (sales or regular website link)

  1. Sale link and selecting where to buy the product.

The reason for this potential change (see below) is concerning the option to where you can buy a product. The sales link is where a customer is using your link to buy a product from the Soundcore site only. Several products have either a buy now from Soundcore or a link to buy on Amazon.

Since this link is for sales only for the Soundcore site, I think it would be helpful to eliminate the buy from Amazon to prevent the buyer from selecting that payment/seller button. Since that site is not included in the sales link, it is not needed for the sales link that is only counting items bought from the Soundcore site. (See the pic below)

  1. Sale link with only Amazon option.

There are a handful of the products that are only Amazon base on the Soundcore site such as the Icon +. Since those are not counted under the sales link, I would suggest eliminating the button to prevent the user from buying from that link.

The only time that the buy from Amazon button would not show is if they go through your sales link. This way you are guaranteed the person is buying from the Soundcore site and the customer is not going to Amazon and buy the product. If the person is buying it directly from the website, all those button would be enabled as it is not somebody’s sales link.

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Yes, good point,

I have seen this happen all the time. Not sure if SoundCore has ways of tracking the sale through cookies… that may be one of the ways they could do it.


Great input!!


Valid and great point. Not sure if Soundcore is ready to implement this method.


Probably so,

I think they could create a separate page that just had the sales related items and this will help prevent any confusion of which method the user would pick (Soundcore/Amazon) and it would also limit the user/buyer from having to search through different products. So if there was 10 out 20 that would apply then they would see one page with the 10 products on that one page.


Referral links are always hard to track, and usually sites will use cookies as well as custom URLs to track that. But it doesn’t always work, especially for those of us who put some effort into blocking tracking on our web browsers. Things like no third party cookies will often break tracking, and I have that on all the time, and only disable it when I notice a specific problem. I would probably never notice the problem following a referral link to a site like this.

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