Seeking Your Feedback: soundcore Customer Referral Program

Hello soundcore Community Members!

We’re excited to announce that we’re developing a customer referral program. This program aims to reward you for each successful referral who makes a purchase using your unique referral code or hyperlink. You would be able to share this with your friends, family, communities, and more.

We would greatly appreciate your feedback on the following referral program options. Feel free to also include anything else you think would make a referral program more appealing to you.

Please also provide an estimate of how many referrals you think you could make within a 3-month period:

Referral Program Options

  1. Option 1: Each referred customer receives up to a 30% discount, and you earn a $10 credit to spend on any Anker branded product. This credit is redeemable on our websites (Soundcore, Anker, Ankerwork, AnkerMake, Nebula, Eufy, etc.). Credits are calculated and distributed monthly.

  2. Option 2: Each referred customer receives up to a 30% discount, and you earn a $10 Amazon Gift Card. Gift cards are calculated and distributed monthly.

  3. Option 3: Each referred customer receives up to a 30% discount, and you earn a $10 Visa Gift Card. Gift cards are calculated and distributed monthly.

  4. Option 4: Each referred customer receives up to a 30% discount, and you get a chance to win one of many prizes, including grand prizes valued at approximately $5,000.

Estimated Referrals

  1. 1-5 referrals
  2. 5-10 referrals
  3. 10-15 referrals
  4. 15+ referrals

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and thank you in advance for your valuable input.


You may want to provide a more specific on the options. Options do not the dollar amount for the customer referral and for you to ear 10 dollar credit.

I could do a referral and they only spend say 10 dollars and then it would cost then 7 and then the person get 10. (which is no realistic)

So either the outline of the program needs tweaked or certain words change.

It may be stated that the referral get 30 percent discount and you can earn 10 dollars if the referral spends say 100 dollars or etc.


It could be that your referrals can ear up to 30 percent and you can ear up to 10 dollars for each 200 dollars spent by referrals

Something to where the referral and the referring person knows what to expect.

Other than that, I like the first 3.

Sounds very similar to being a brand ambassador, for example like many workout and gaming supplement brands have. If that’s the case, I think it’s a great idea doing something similar in a more techy area. Sign me up!

Of those options, I prefer #1. Options 2 & 3 are good, too, but maybe give the person the choice between an Amazon GC or a Visa GC.

I agree this needs a more specificity. I also think Option 1 is likely best; I like to see the community turn the money back towards other Anker product to perform reviews.

As far as how many referrals that would be possible in a month, it would depend on the medium being used.

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I’m liking option #1. Maybe incorporating some sort of points system also for brand loyal individuals. I’ve purchased so much Soundcore equipment over the years and promote it always. Love the brand!

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I’d say #1 plus #4 should run hand in hand! Definitely boost incentive and your stake is still low!
I’ve referred about 20 people, easily 15 where really impressed with my Q20s based on what they hear compared to price! Buy Q45s here soon! That will make 3 of your products, I own. I love my Liberty 3s! Once you get the EQing perfect they are awesome!

Option 2 I’ve been using soundcore since the Soundcore Flare Plus then the power banks which has been 6 years since i bought it and still using it with no battery deterioration the the earphones Life p2. Also I’ve purchased Wakey bedside speaker charger
Soundcore motion plus
Soundcore Rave Neo 1
Soundcore rave neo 2 and more