Should I get a 2nd motion+ speaker?

Hi guys, I have just ordered a soundcore motion plus after reading many good things about it. My question is in your guys opinion is getting a 2nd one to pair in stereo mode worth the extra money. This will mainly be used for indoor listening.

I will say that I am not to big on speakers at the current time due to personal reason.

What I would suggest is to try the one at first and see if you do like the sound of it. If you do then a second one may be good to pair into a stereo mode as stated.


DO IT. :grinning:

Better sound and much more power.

I have two little Flare minis here in my little “home office”.
(enough for 16 sqm)
I do use these always in certain position.
I tried some positions of course and now its fine.
Its such a great sound.

You really have to care about where you locate these.
I wrote about the optimal position (which does not exist because its depending on the room and much more) .
If you follow the suggestions you can optimize the sound a lot.

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I have 2 Motion Booms I use in TWS and love them. I think you would like 2 Motion + in TWS.

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Dont have Motion+, but two speakers in stereo are always better than one


There’s a two Motion+ review here.

I have one Motion+ for me it’s enough by itself I’d not go out of my way to get another. But I’m not seeking loud speakers, if I’m moving around I have private sound alternatives which suit me. For me the unique advantage of the Motion+ is very good sound quality at quieter volumes, possibly because of the tweeters, nearby.

If you’re thinking of two speakers then you’re also thinking of not being near to the speaker? The Motion Boom may be better for that.

I’d also call out the prices for your country if you’re thinking of two speakers in TWS then reviews suggest two Motion Boom may be better than two Motion+

If you do go for two speakers it’s safest to get them in the same order to reduce chance they are from different batches , slightly different hardware.


Yes you should!
Especially for indoors and if you really like listening to music.
It really opens up the sound an stereo effects. A motion plus is too small to really hear stereo effect cause the speakers are so close together.

I recently bought a motion boom plus.
Great speaker but something about the sound wasn’t right. I returned the speaker and am now enjoying a pair of motion booms. Sounds so much better to have two speakers.
Just try it and if you don’t like it just give it away or return it. But i’m pretty sure you will like it.


So you did swap a Boom+ for two Motion Boom.

Yes that seems a better value for money, albeit more complicated.

I recall you initially liked it

Then went off it

Now you confirm you did a swap.

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Yup, the harshness of the tweeters were getting really annoying. I had to keep adjusting the EQ. Got tired of it. But it still is a nice speaker but mostly when played loud. Unfortunatly i have neighbours that i have to consider. Lol.

No but nothing beats true stereo sound.
It’s a gamechanger. And i really like the sound of the boom. My search has ended as of today. Boom has better batterylife is more portable and in the garden i can set up two for a perfectly balanced sound.

Really enjoying a paired boom.

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If you really want to enjoy true stereo sound from a single bluetooth speaker you need to be the size of an ant. :grinning:

My most common use of my single Motion+ is it upsidedown on headboard behind my head a few inches from ears, low volume.

Lol, why upsidedown?
Isn’t it easier to use headphones?

It’s on my bed headboard behind head so imagine how you keep the right side on the right side when behind you… Can’t do that with a Motion Boom.

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Haha, i see. :upside_down_face:

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By all means yes! Sounds amazing with true stereo and the beautiful sound of the motion plus. Make sure that both are of the same series though if possible. I had one 1.5 years old and got a new one a couple of weeks ago and they were incompatable due to a “chip” change. After some back and forth with customer service they sent me a new one (to replace the older one at no charge) that arrived today. It paired instantly and WOW!!! Doubled the speakers but improved sound 10x!!! The stereo separation is amazing and fills the room! Get a second one. You won’t be disappointed!