Should we start a private Christmas Party tomorrow?

As we are no more watched by any officials here , :grin:
we could start our very private Christmas Party tomorrow.

BUT : This will be off topic.
If there is someone who dont like such themes, one needs not to take part.

Who is in?

I remember Duane’s fantastic decorations of the last years.
May be he will show us.

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Sadly, we didn’t put up decorations this year. That being said, have a Merry Christmas everyone.:christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree:

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I was reading about the extreme temperatures in the USA.
Hope all you over the pond are doing fine.
Stay safe at home an keep warm.

Here in München its like spring outside.
All snow went away.

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It’s -3 F (negative 3) right now here. It’s supposed to get all the way up to a balmy 10F today :rofl:. On the plus side we didn’t lose power which was a minor miracle because the wind was howling. :smiley:


-3F is about -20C.
What would help?
A “Glühwein” : Mulled wine.
Or a Grog ?

Do you know that a very special Christmas eve meal here is
“Frankfurters and potato salad” :smiley:

I will create some Macaroni “alio & olio”
Very important the quality of the olive oil,

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We are having Shrimp Stir Fry tonight and Lasagna tomorrow. Not necessarily traditional food for the holidays, but it’s just us and that’s what we wanted. We had the Traditional Turkey with all the side dishes on Thanksgiving.

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We are planning a deer goulash with red cabbage, maroni and bread balls for tomorrow
Not typical of course, :smile:

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Well we’re having Salad and Garlic Bread with the Lasagne tomorrow . Now I’m getting hungry thinking about it. :grinning:

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Sounds good, I’ll bring the beer :grin:

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Just stopping in to wish all a very merry Christmas and a safe , healthy new year, being in retail this is a very busy time of the year for me. Can’t wait to be off tomorrow :blush:

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We paired it down from several year ago, @Chiquinho as some of the lights have failed and not replacing a few of them.

We been hitting with about 5 degrees. I am hoping there is no water pipe issues. I am not feeling having to fix anything in the next several days. I have had some virus (Not flu or Covid) since Thursday that had put me down for like 30 plus hours. All I could do was sleep, sweat, chill and ache. I think I ate soup one day.

Will say Merry Christmas to you all and hope everyone was able to their loved ones great gifts and/or get to visit their loved ones.

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At the moment here are many virus’ around.

Not only the Covid19.
It has been forgotten that beside the Covid19 the “normal influenza” is still existing.
Of course there is a vacation, but with all that Covid19 hype many people didn’t remember that.

Its really important.
I do this vacation since more than 40 years now.
Perfect, neither get a simple cold nor the really dangerous influenza.
I had some kind of sore throat and coughing in summer, not normal for me.
So this might have been the Covid19.
I made no test, because it was quite harmlee.

Best recovery, Duane and keep warm! :smile:

Because such a great weather here I cleaned my chimney today.

Didn’t fall from the roof (ca 20m high) :rofl:


Merry Christmas everyone


In most countries reading this the issue won’t be Covid but flu.

Same advice for both, eat well, sleep well, go to bed with a bottle of water and don’t worry. Either don’t be alone or “buddy up” with others and tell them when you feel ill and ask them to check you the next day they having a spare key. 99.7% of us are fine.

The greatest enemy of each of us is our own stupidity.