Smaller widget (Android)

The current widget (for Android, at least) is 5x2. It can be reduced to 4x2, but even that is petty large. A 2x2 or even smaller should be possible while so being useful. Maybe have a single button to alternate between modes, for example. Use just the icons without text. You get the idea. The user might lose some options at smaller sizes, but that’s their choice.

Oh, and please make the background transparent so it’s less of an eyesore. And remove the “soundcore-Space A40” text for the same reason. It’s ugly and unnecessary.

You can contact service department to make that recommendation as well as they will view that and have done things based upon our suggestions.

I think the box is the way it is to be able to capture the indoor /outdoor selection. You can make the suggestion to have a widget made that did not have those selection. If you are able to do paint, I would do one with the current view and one with the the widget you would like to see. It is easier to see visually than to just explain it. (at least that is me)

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