So sad. Lost liberty 3 pro 😭

So sad. I lost my Earbuds and case at the park 2 days ago. I was at the picnic area and got up and moved because the little Summer camp they have for the kids was about to set up. Started walking away and rounded a corner and realized I didn’t have them with me. Checked my pockets my back pack, and even retraced my steps back to where I was sitting. No Liberty 3 Pros to be found. Wasn’t mad yet, because there were a couple of the counslers there at another table when I got up. And the other closest people were about 200 us away at the other side of the park. Ok one of them had to of seen b them or picked them up. So I ask, they both look at me like I’m speaking some foreign language with just blank expressions. They tell me No. Damn liars. It literally had been less than 2 minutes once I left and went back to check. Now I’m pissed cause they straight up lied to my face. Luckily I have a very decent backup pair in the Life P3, but damn, 2 minutes and bam!! Gone. Now going to have to invest in another pair, or do some of you have some recommendations to some that are Equivalent or even better. I listen to heavy metal like slipknot and orbit culture but I listen to slot of drum and bass as well. So I need some that will emphasize that bass and still rock your world. Thank you ahead of time. Now I’m going to go back and pout cause I’m sad lol, thank for letting me rant.

Oh and on a side note, the Life P3 has a help find your lost ear bud or case option in the app. I’ve used it before and its great. So why would the Liberty 3 Pros not have that option. Those are the only 2 types I’ve had by soundcore so I don’t know if the Life P3 ,is the only one with it. If anyone can enlighten me on that, that would be great, and SOUNDCORE, MAKE THE OPTION FOT ALL OF YOUR HEAD PHONES AND EARBUDS. Ok. Now I’m done. THANK YOU