Sondcore q45s problems

Explaining this is gonna be kinda weird

I took my brand new q45s out on vacation. Mainly to keep myself listening to music during the long car ride. This would be one of the first times that I would be testing them out in an outside environment. I immediately noticed multiple things were off, and I’m really hoping that these are manufacturing defects or something along the lines of that.

  1. Whenever a window is down, and a lot of wind hits one of the earcups at once, it makes a pop sound. And this happens quite a bit, so at some points you hear constant popping.

  2. I find that when you’re moving your head around (most likely when you’re on a bumpy road, or just looking around) I’ve found that the volume pulsates when you turn your head around. I’ve then found out that moving your head side to side pulsates the volume of each earcup, depending on where you’re turning your head. And this problem is very…sensitive. Sometimes the slightest movements from your head can make the volume of each earcup pulsate.

Any help?


I have the exact same problem. You nailed it with your description! I’ve reached out to Soundcore months ago letting them know what I’ve found but their response was kinda vague. This can be addressed with a firmware level fix but till more people chime in then I doubt they care. Maybe I’m wrong and they know about it and doing a work around and maybe not. Come on people add your input as you all have this issue.

Oh Soundcore did offer me a 10% refund. I told them I don’t want the refund because I trust your team will fix it.

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That’s strange considering they are closed backs. I don’t recall that happening to my Q30’s or Q35’s.