Souncore Liberty 2 Pro Firmware Update issues


some really weird behaviors are happening with my liberty 2 pro set. When I’m using them - all is fine. After installing the app on my iPhone I’m losing the connection to one side - either right or left - depending on which one I’m using first - if I reset the headphone, reconnect them, and start the firmware update it will be downloaded and while it will install it to the headphones it stops around 50 % and displays an error occurred and one headphone isn’t any longer connected. So I need to start from scratch and came always to the same result. Any help/ideas?

best would be to contact the support.
They should help.

I think some people got around it by either turning WiFi off or doing it on WiFi, one of those.

Try earbuds in the case with lid open and next to the phone next to wifi

Depending on your internet and wifi, you may want to do it early for less traffic or try different wifi if yours is old.

Although contacting support will help, the may have you do a few things as well

So you should state the different thing done as it will help them with a potential fix or help with a potential exchange quicker if they decide that is the option.

I had a provider change (got bought out) and I could not get a 1 meg file to download. It worked when changed
Had a wifi drops but newer router fixed that.

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Short Update from soundcore support: seems the headphone left is gone and causes issues - 5 months over warranty means I need to buy a new one :-(But I never give up!
So I searched some more websites and found this hint which helped me to get the left earphone back to work and both are now back and working.

  1. Unpair from Bluetooth
  2. Take them both out and tap four times on each side - it should blink red on each side.
  3. Put it back in the case.
  4. Take them out and put them next to each other (like literal side by side).
  5. Leave it for a bit (it’ll blink white a lot)
  6. After say a good 5-10 seconds, pair it again to Bluetooth.

What I will not do is update to the new version as long the system is now back and working… :slight_smile:

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